Pet bathing has never been easier.


"Excellent product! Bath took half as long as it usually does and pup didn't freak out. Hose was long enough to reach from showerhead to the other end of the tub. Control in the handpiece allowed for a change in the pressure of water coming from the sprayer, useful for washing different areas of my dog."

- Robert T.

"This product works great. Easy to hook up and easy to disassemble. Our dog loves the massage it gives. No more running from bath time. Works indoor and outdoor but you do have to remove the aireator or shower head first if using indoors. Nice long hose. I like the ability to turn off and on the water flow at the massager end. No messy trail of water when you're done."

- Jessica P.

"Have had this for a few weeks and am so pleased with it! Easy to connect, my dog stands still while using it, and great water pressure. Water isn't spraying everywhere like with our normal shower head when scrubbing due to an easy access on/off switch. Fits nicely on the hand too!"

- Roger G.

Do you love your pets?

Of course you do, we all do but we need something to makes our life easier. Our Pet Shower Sprayer can do that.
These features of our Pet Shower Sprayer have left thousands of customers satisfied while still cut half of the time for pet bathing! Lastly, your pet loves the gentle massage as always and make them stand still :)
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To save your pet bathing time !

🐶 Great way to control water while washing your dog.

🐶Easy to connect and works

🐶Able to drench the undercoat and really get the shampoo into the dog's coat and onto the skin.

🐶After the FIRST stroke of the brush, pet calmed right down

🐶Washing him with it as your combing the shampoo in.

🐶Makes life easier too with a dog that doesn’t like being washed

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